Our Foundational Framework

Our Program: Learning – beyond the basics

Laura Jeffrey Academy’s School Framework is based on a holistic approach to education, addressing teaching and learning, resiliency, school climate and organizational effectiveness. We provide a stimulating learning environment with clear expectations and opportunities to celebrate student learning. LJA’s Interdisciplinary Power Standards and assessment process ensure that personal, school, state and federal standards are achieved. LJA serves approximately 150 students in grades five through eight.

LJA incorporates interdisciplinary learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), and team-taught Language Arts and Social Studies. The STEM focus is arts and wellness-infused with courses offered in Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, and Health. Academic success is supported through an inclusive special education program, a social worker, educational assistants, literacy and a math interventions. 

Deconstruction of race, class, and gender in all classes provides students with rigorous topics for discussion and develops critical literacy. Focus on student voice and power throughout curriculum choices supports equity for all students while building 21st century skills of innovation and problem solving. The curriculum assures students access to histories and viewpoints that are often left out or ignored in traditional curricula.

LJA works to ensure students (no matter who they are) are challenged to think critically, will learn and share from multiple perspectives which call for equality for all persons, will seek out injustice and work for solutions, and will hear stories and see examples of role models who are or have worked to dismantle gender stereotypes and glass ceilings. Our pedagogy, curriculum, and teaching practices are beneficial to any child. A focus on the whole child is expected from all staff and supported by a school social worker.  

“Asking Questions, Making Choices”, LJA’s motto, supports an environment where students are encouraged to research, think about, and ask questions to make informed and well thought out choices for their futures.